Pump Station Construction

1. Setting out the central lines of the pumping station as per the approved site location.
2. Lower the original ground level to 3.5m below the existing level by making steps near the edge and arrange even levels of the plat form for the auger to work the shoring system.
3.Installation of the initial dewatering system well point with the required number of pumps we planning to use .
4.Fixing the steel H-Beams 300x300 mm by auger excavation every 1.08 m spacing centre to centre and fix the H-Beam.
5.Excavate for the structure and fix the R.C slabs between the H-Beams as per the excavation going down and provide the R.C slabs with the support frame system as per the design and sketch .
6.check the formation level as per the drawing and arrange the compaction in case of the lose soil with compaction test then fix the side formworks with demarction and the levels.
7.Fix the concrete blinding as per the drawing and design level.
8.Apply the water proof with the protection board or screed.